Giving and Community

Autosports Group has a proud culture of giving. This culture started with the personal contributions of our founders and has evolved into a structured program that involves our brand partners, local communities and our employees. Importantly, we give in a combination of ways. It might through a financial donation, the use of a car, the use of our showroom facilities, our networks or even just our time.

autosports group flags against blue sky

Tier 1 - The support we give to the charitable foundations of the automotive brands we represent.

Autosports Group supports The Audi Foundation, Mazda Foundation and Honda Foundation. Autosports Group has been the largest single contributor to The Audi Foundation since it was founded in early 2016. The donations we make are matched by Audi Australia and go towards support for some of Australia’s most respected charities including The Smith Family and RUOK Day. Our support for The Audi Foundation extends beyond financial and includes partnering with return to work programs, the use of cars, facilities and more.

Luxury cars in service bays

Tier 2 - The support our dealerships and businesses give to the communities in which they operate.

We empower each of our individual businesses to support charities and community projects that are local to them. This may include local sporting teams, schools, hospitals and charities. This Tier is the largest of the three and we are immensely proud to partner with and support the customers and communities in which we operate.

blue porsche in prestige auto traders showroom

Tier 3 – The money we raise collectively as a Group for charities that matter most to us.

We invite Autosports Group employees to vote on what charities mean the most to them. We then collect that feedback and select one to two national charities for us to support. We then work collectively as a Group to maximise our impact.